Crown Royal

Crown Royal

Crown Royal is a blended Canadian Whisky owned by Diageo. It is the top selling Canadian Whisky in the US.

It was introduced to the market by the Samuel Bronfman, the president of the now defunct Seagram, as a tribute to King George VI when he visited Canada in 1939. It was only available in Canada from 1964.

The whisky is produced from grain in Manitoba, and then transferred to Amherstburg, Ontario to be stored in 2 million barrels, in 50 warehouses over 5 acres of land.

The company produces a number of variations including Northern Harvest Rye, Maple Finish, Regal Apple, XO, XR & Hand Selected Barrel.

The spirit has received 5 gold medals at the SFWSC between 2005 and 2012.

In 2015, Crown Royal became the first spirits brand in the US to feature the nutritional information on the packaging.