Chase Smoked Vodka

Chase Smoked Vodka

Country of Origin:  England

Distilled From:  100% Potatoes

Tasting Notes: Peppery, Bonfire, Smoke, Light Cream & Smoked Fish with a smoothness throughout and long finish. Some people have described the sweet flavour as like a young tequila that has been aged in a heavily charred oak barrel.

Introduced:  2010

%ABV: 40%

Owner: William Chase

This unique and high-quality vodka is made in Herefordshire, West-Mid England by William Chase Distillery. William Chase is a successful potato farmer, potato chip producer (Tyrells Crisps) & spirit producer.

Chase Smoked is created in small batches of only one to two thousand bottles at a time and is created using Chase Vodka (voted best vodka in the world by the SFWSC in 2010, beating 249 other vodkas from countries such as Russia and Poland).

Chase Smoked is blended for one week with estate-drawn spring water from the farm borehole. Prior to this the water is left to develop it’s flavour in the coldest part of the farm smokehouse for around five days, where it obtains the sweet smoky favour imparted by the burning of locally sourced oak.

Chase vodka is distilled in a traditional copper-pot still from potatoes grown on the farm- making this the first single-estate distillery in the UK. According to the distillery, there are an average of 26 potatoes in each bottle of Chase Vodka.

An interesting note is that the distillation system used has the tallest rectification column in Europe and possibly even the world – at 70ft tall this system ensures the vodka has been distilled 119 times – much more than the usual “triple distillation” claim marketed by other vodka producers.

Chase Smoked is recommended to be enjoyed neat, slightly chilled or in a Smoked Bloody Mary. I personally think it pairs amazingly well with foods such as bold cheeses and smoked fish, as the intense flavours can balance up against the complex yet creamy smokiness of the vodka.