Canadian Club

Canadian Club

Canadian Club known as “CC” was created by Gooderham & Warts in 1858 in Toronto. The company was then merged with Hiram Walker, who became a distiller when he first learned how to distil cider vinegar in his grocery store in in the 1830s in Detroit.

Walker’s whisky became popular in gentlemen’s clubs across the US and Canada which is why it became known as “Club Whisky”. The main selling point was its smoothness but also its age – it was aged in American oak barrels for at least 5 years – something that was quite revolutionary at the time as all US bourbons were aged for less than a year.

The word “Canadian” was added to the bottle in 1889 to distinguish the spirit from other brands, and was then incorporated into the name in 1890.

Walker’s distillery at one point employed almost the whole population of “Walkerville” where they built police and fire stations and installed street lights.

During prohibition, one of the distilleries most important clients was Al Capone, who smuggled in thousands of cases of CC into the US.

CC is now part of the Jim Beam Portfolio and is its No.4 selling alcoholic beverages after Jim Beam, Sauza Tequila and DeKuyper cordials. The whisky is now aged for 12 years.