Bell’s whisky is arguably the most popular blend ever sold in the UK. Originally produced by Arthur Bell & Sons but it was bought over by Guinness in 1985 for $518 million and then absorbed into Diageo.

In the 1970’s it became the highest selling whisky in the UK, partially down to its advertising campaign focusing on consumption with a mixer – appealing to the female market. In 1980 the company had a 35% market share.

The main component of the whisky is Blair Athol, a single malt from Perthshire (an area just at the foot-hills of the highlands in the north east region of Scotland). Coal Ila and Glenkinchie also have a part in this blend and help bring it a slight smokiness and sweetness.

Bell’s slogan is “Afore ye go” which is a Scottish way of saying “before you go”, meaning “before you go let’s have a bells and enjoy the night some more”.

This whisky is designed to be mixed and is not considered to be of a high quality, despite its popularity.