Arbikie Kirsty’s Gin

Arbikie Kirsty’s Gin

Country of Origin: Scotland – North East – Angus

Distilled From: Farm Grown Potatoes

Tasting Notes: With a high ABV and less starchy potato as a base this raw yet creamy gin has an impression. Referred to by some as “Notably Scottish”, probably due to the Carline Thistle Root, it also brings a subtle spiciness from the Coriander and a sweet fruitiness from the Blaeberries, all finished off with a smooth undercurrent of pine from the Juniper.

Release Year: 2015

%ABV: 43%

Owner: Stirling Brothers / Arbikie Farm

Arbikie Farm is based in the North East of Scotland somewhere between Arbroath and Montrose along the salty east coast. Owned by the family for four generations and currently owned by three brothers – Iain, John and David Stirling.

With one brother, John becoming a Chartered accountant, David opening his bar in New York and Iain working for both Diageo and Jim Beam through his life, it was only a matter of time before these three took the farm to the bottle.

The name Kirsty’s Gin comes from the master Distiller Kirsty Black, a woman who spent 10 years studying medicine to finally realise her passion for brewing and distilling. Kirsty was instrumental in the design and production of Pickering’s Gin. While she was studying at Herriot-Watt university in Edinburgh, she was head-hunted by the Stirling brothers as they needed a top level student with her expertise and passion to help set up the distillery.

Originally Arbikie was opened to produce Whisky, but with the first casks planned to be released in 2029, how does Arbikie and other Scottish Whisky producers tide themselves over til then? They produce game changing gins like Kirsty’s from Scotland’s first farm to bottle distillery.

The idea around Kirtsy’s Gin is to keep the elements of teroir loved so much in Scotch and bring it to the Gin by using locally sourced botanicals from Lunan Bay. With the inclusion of Kelp, Thistle root and Blaeberries plucked from Rock, Sea or Land, they bring a real North East salty note to the spirit.

A true Highland Gin, made by Scottish people, with ingredients from a particularly beautiful area in Scotland. This is the latest peice of art produced by the Arbikie Distillery which I am sure are working on the next game-changer as we speak.

Botanicals: Juniper, Angelica, Coriander, Liquorice, Orris, Kelp, Carline Thistle Root, Blaeberries/Bilberries

See below for a preview of the Arbikie Distillery:

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