About Me

About Me

I designed this website to see if i could learn something new, but primarily to make a resource avaliable for bartenders who would like to learn a little bit of background information on the products they are selling and the industry they are a part of – something every good bartender should focus on. The idea is to have a place where the basic information is stored. Every business or bar has its own training plan and materials – but in my experience they are usually inadequate and in-concise – hopefully I can fix that.

I really don’t want to bore everyone with mountains of information about different products and bartending in general, if you want that kind of information then there are loads of places you can get it – fantastic websites and books that I have read to get the useful information I need, you can find these on my Information Sources page.

I hope that my fellow bartenders, colleagues, friends in the industry and customers can learn something in this way – after all, what use is knowledge if you don’t use it and share it with each other?

If interested, I think everyone should learn about the fascinating world of drinks, bartending and mixology – and as a person who is passionate about my industry, I want to pass on the knowledge I have gained to anyone who wants it and make it easily accessible, organised and concise for you.

I learned basically everything I know about this industry by investing my time reading on my days off, but that doesn’t mean that the people I know need to invest as much – because now they have my simple, concise and interesting bartending notes – for the mere price of being interested.

Enjoy. Learn. Grow!

“Sharing is Caring”. – Unknown